Understanding Bitcoins
  • A Short Introduction To Bitcoin

    Bitcoin is the first decentralized digital currency in the world. No one controls it, because its maintenance depends on a worldwide network of computers. It is also the first system of direct payments (from one person to another), so it means you won’t need intermediaries (like banks) to execute transactions. Therefore, transfers are cheaper than they are through conventional means.

    The system is open source, so the registration of all financial transactions are public access, as well as the system source code. The security of the system against hacking and manipulation is guaranteed by its decentralization, its open source and the use of cryptography. The Bitcoin was set to be a short coin, with a maximum of 21 million units. As an asset, its price changes according to market demand. Thanks to its security, low cost and ease of use, Bitcoin is increasingly used as a payment method and value reserve.

  • How Does Bitcoin Work?

    Using Bitcoins is very simple. First, you must create a virtual wallet. This is a tool in your phone or computer that allows you to make or receive payments in Bitcoins, in an easy and fast way. A virtual wallet has two key elements: a public key and a private key.

    The public key is a sequence of approximately 32 characters that acts as a payment address. If one day you want to receive Bitcoins from someone, you must provide them with your wallet’s public key, so they know what address to which send the currency. When you send bitcoins to someone else, you need their public key to complete the transaction as well.

    The private key, on the other hand, is used to access your portfolio so you can have control over your balances. It consists of an alphanumeric string that you must keep secret,similar to your bank password or the keys of a safe. In general, using Bitcoins is as simple as sending an email.

  • How to Trade Bitcoin

    Investing in Bitcoins is attending the beginning of a technological revolution and the best way to do this is through Quantum!

    We are a global automated investment platform in digital currencies that, through various algorithms, continuously analyzes offers to buy and sell Bitcoin in currency trading exchanges around the world. By locating a difference in the prices of the digital currency, the system sends orders to buy the asset where it is cheaper and sell where it is more expensive. The profit distribution is daily and the liquidity guaranteed.

  • What is HFT?

    High Frequency Transactions (HTF) are a way of commercial assets that became more popular in mid 1998, with the advance of the use of the computer. Specifically, it is a sophisticated algorithm technology that operates negotiations based on a predefined schedule.

    Quantum algorithm works in HFT format, through Bitcoins’ financial arbitration. Quite simply, Quantum sends purchase orders to the markets where the cryptocurrency is cheaper, and at the same time, it sells them at the most expensive price, always looking for the most positive financial return.

    According to Celent Consulting, High Frequency Transactions correspond to 45% of the transactions in Europe, and they are in steep rise in Brazil. However, the Bitcoins market is still under used, which makes us pioneers.

    For more information about Quantum algorithm operations, click here.