What is Quantum?

What is Quantum?

Quantum is an automated bitcoin investment platform. It is the safest way to store and the only way to profit your bitcoins.

With Atlas you can increase the profitability of your crypto-currency investments, without having to follow the market and actively do business.


How it works?

Quantum software is an algorithm that analyzes purchase and sale offers of Bitcoins in real time, in several foreign exchange markets around the world. When a profitable difference is detected in the prices of the digital currency, the system sends the purchase offers where they are cheaper, and the sale orders where they are more expensive.

Thus, it makes profit by trading the same asset in locations with different prices. In the financial market, this strategy is called financial arbitrage.

The profit distribution is daily, so the balance of our customers is updated once a day according to the performance of the system. Every day your profit is distributed and reinvested on the platform, making even more gains than any other investment.

Atlas is a unique platform in the market that allows to invest and to create a patrimony in an accessible and safe way through cryptocoins, with high liquidity, good history profits and global performance.


Risks and profitability

Our platform has been active for two years and so far our robot got an average profitability between 2 and 3% per month.

It is worth mentioning that the income is in Bitcoin. For example: in 2017 we had a cumulative profitability of 39%. So this means that who invested 1 BTC at the beginning of that year would have 1.39 BTC at the end of the period. This profit happens, independently of Bitcoin price changes compared to the Brazilian Real (BRL) and other currencies.

Keep in mind that Quantum is a variable income product, and that past profit is no guarantee of future profit. Nevertheless, the algorithm does not have a single day of loss since March 2017, because we operate with a secure arbitrage strategy.


Profit in other currencies

You can convert your balance to dollar in the platform if you do not want to take risks on the volatility of the bitcoin. This is done without affecting the profitability of arbitrage operations. That means, if your balance is in dollar, it will have the same percentage profit as if in Bitcoin.


High Liquidity

We recommend a long-term investment in Quantum. However, if you think it is convenient, you can move your balance on the platform anyday and anytime, with no penalty for that.



We have no fixed fees. Unlike other investment models, Atlas does not charge you any fees to register and to start investing in Quantum. What we do is a half-way split in profit from arbitrage operations. That is, we only win if the customer wins too.

Our historical profitability (on average, between 2% and 3% per month) is the liquid profit, already considering Atlas's share on the profit.


How to start investing?

To start investing in Quantum, you only need to access the Quantum registration page and create a personal account.

After registration, you must be logged in to the platform and access the “Cryptocurrency Address”. You will see Bitcoin's address to make Bitcoin deposits. Then you just send the desired investment amount to your address on Quantum. After the deposit is confirmed, within 24 hours your balance will start to be updated according to the system profit.

Check the step by step of the registration process here. If you have any doubt, please contact us!


To have a better understand about the way in which the investment is remunerated, please visit our FAQ