Terms and Conditions of Use

Before making use of the SERVICES offered by QUANTUM, the USER must agree to read attentively these TERMS, and assure their perfect understanding.

When indicating the “I ACCEPT” option below, the USER agrees with all the TERMS here set forth, accepting and binding themselves to them.

The use of QUANTUM is not allowed to residents of the United States of America.


ATLAS PROJ, LLC, company headquartered in Delaware, 1692, Coastal Highway, Lewes, 19958-9776 (“ATLAS”), retains all rights over “QUANTUM”, an automated online platform for cryptocurrency arbitration, specifically “BITCOIN”, made available through the web “SITE” hosted under the domain https://quantum.atlasproj.com/


1.1 In accepting these TERMS, the USER agrees that these may suffer alterations with time, being wholly under their responsibility the periodical verification of them, especially before using the SERVICE, and agrees with the PRIVACY POLICY. If ATLAS informs the USER of significant changes done to the TERMS, it will do so out of its own free will.

12. In case the USER has any objections to any of the clauses of these TERMS, including before accepting them, the USER must cease use immediately, observing the clause in these TERMS.

1.3 In order to utilize QUANTUM’s SERVICES, the USER must have prior knowledge of the cryptocurrency market and consider its inherent risk. The value of cryptocurrencies can vary in real time and according to place, and the USER has knowledge of these circumstances, accepting them out of their own accord and accepting all risk in a conscious and informed manner.

1.4 QUANTUM is an algorithm that analyzes, in real time, BITCOIN purchase and sale offers in various specialized negotiation stock markets in various countries. When it detects a lucrative differences in BITCOIN vales, the system sends orders to buy the asset where it is cheaper and sell it where it is more expensive. The profit of these transactions is materialized daily, with the credit being updated in the USERS account.


2.1. ATLAS may update QUANTUM whenever it wishes, or it is necessary, to do so, as well as not making it available or updating it, or even discontinuing it, at any time.

2.2. In the case of QUANTUM ‘s discontinuity, ATLAS will inform USERS 60 (sixty) days prior.



3.1 In order to utilize the SERVICE it is necessary to access the registration page and ENROLL a persona; account, where the USER must inform their name, telephone number, and a valid e-mail address, through which they will receive the username and password, being it that the latter must be altered upon the first access.

3.2 The username and password are personal and untransferable, it is the USER’s responsibility to utilize and guard both in a safe and responsible manner, and in good-faith. ATLAS will not have any responsibility for eventual misuse on the part of USERS or third-parties, due to the USER’s security failures .

3.3 To access the SERVICE, the USER may be asked to present documents and answer questions, in order to fulfil ATLAS’ compliance policy, agreeing from this point onwards that they may not access it if they do not present them.

3.4 Registering companies or institutions as a USER must be necessarily performed by a legal representative of such company or institution, duly authorized to do so.

3.5 The USER is wholly responsible for the information they provide. If proven any irregularities in the filing of the ENROLLMENT forms, omission of information, incorrect date, or erroneous filling, ATLAS may suspend the USER’s access until the situation is resolved.

3.6 Enrolling in QUANTUM is free of charge, however  Performance Tax will be charged over the profit obtained from the SERVICE, in accordance to item 5 below.

3.7 The USERS’ personal data, access and transaction data are protected by the Privacy Policy.

3.8 In order to utilize the SERIVCE it is necessary that the USER’s enrollment be validated by ATLAS, who may perform verification procedures on the information provided e request the USER to send copies of documents and/or additional documents and information. The validation of enrollments is under ATLAS’ complete freedom, and ATLAS may invalidate any enrollment without presenting justifications.

3.9 The USER accepts and agrees that any and all transactions must be performed by, and only by, the enrollment’s titular individual.


4.1 The USER is aware that currency arbitration is an operation with inherent risk to the investment activity and that ATLAS cannot guarantee any profit, furthermore, the presentation of past revenue statistics on the web SITE is merely for the USERS’ information.

4.2 After ENROLLMENT, the USER must generate an address that will be used to transfer BITCOIN to QUANTUM, with the recommendation that a minimum value of 0.025 BITCOIN be invested. After, QUANTUM will automatically initiate the sale and purchase activity.

4.3 The profits obtained through the arbitration operations will be computed and allocated daily to the USERS account, after 23 hours and 59 minutes (GMT) and the current credit and revenue of the day may be verified in the history of use.

4.4 The USER may choose between maintaining the BITCOIN purchase and sale operations or converting the value into Euro or Dollar and continue the arbitration. However, the deposits and redemptions in QUANTIM can only be performed in BITCOIN, therefore, if the credit is in another currency, it must be converted into BITCOIN to be redeemed.

4.5 Withdrawals in QUANTUM will be performed within a D+1 deadline, furthermore, taking into consideration the Blockchain transaction deadlines, this deadline may increase, under none of ATLAS’ responsibility.

4.6 ATLAS does not take any responsibility for eventual delays in finalizing transactions within exchanges where the BITCOIN purchase and sale operations will take place, that may compromise the deadlines for withdrawal from QUANTUM deadlines and that are out of ATLAS’ control.


5.1 ATLAS does not charge fees for deposit, custodianship or withdrawals in or from QUANTUM. The amount charged is the Performance Tax over the profits generated from the arbitration operations, at the rate of 50% over the profit obtained.        


6.1 The delivery of any technical support service is limted to clarifications about QUANTUM’s functioning, presupposing the USER’s knowledge of the use of the computer or mobile device and its functions, as well as the operating system under which the system will be utilized. Is further presupposed that the computer’s configuration will be adequate and its state of function good.

6.2 Technical support is limited to support offered to the USER via e-mail, online chat and support tickets made available in the web SITE’s Service Desk, being it that ATLAS commits itself to answering the request within 24 (twenty-four) business hours, with the exception of exceptional situations, beginning from the moment the request is first made by the USER.

6.3 The technical support offered by ATLAS does not encompass the USERS’ internet connections, internal networks and computers/mobile devices.

6.4 ATLAS’ Support also does not include financial advice or consultations, be them economic or tributary, being it that the USER is wholly responsible for the decisions they take with the use of QUANTUM.


7.1 All intellectual property rights related to QUANTUM belong to ATLAS, and the USER is only granted the right to use the SERVICE as it is made available to them on QUANTUM.

7.2 QUANTUM may be perfected, and there may even be temporary suspension of the service in virtue of this. The USER form now onwards agrees to modifications, implementation of new resources, tools, improvements or corrections to QUANTUM.


81. In case QUANTUM is affected by any kind of external invasion, such as a virus, or if any of the exchanges QUANTUM operates defaults, ATLAS will strive to cover the damage and prevent these results from generating loss to the users. However, it will not be held responsible for:

(i) any defect in which the USER is exclusively to blame;

(ii) integrating QUANTUM with any other third-party or USERS’ software;

(iii) damage or losses resulting from administrative, managerial or commercial decisions taken on the use of QUANTUM;

(iv) problems in the USERS’ physical or logical network;

(v) any and all responsibility for eventual losses and damages, ceasing or emerging profits, whose causes may be attributed, directly or indirectly, to the provision, utilization or performance of QUANTUM;

(vi) events defined in the civil code as fortuitous cases or cases of greater-power;

(vii) dangerous and/or inadequate use of QUANTUM; and

(viii) factors of the technical order that make the transfer of data and/or the download of information from QUANTUM impossible, including internet problems;

(ix) acts of the users’ bad faith.

8.2 The USER has the right to, at any moment, request the termination of their account in QUANTUM.

8.2.1 The termination of the USER’s account will only be possible if there is no registry of funds, that is, if at the time of cancelation, there are no values in BITCOINS, being it the USER’s responsibility to perform the withdrawal.

8.3 After termination of the USER’s account, performed by themselves or by ATLAS, the USER recognizes that they will no longer have access and/or be able to retrieve information about transactions performed through QUANTUM, not befalling on ATLAS any responsibility to store information, let alone relay this information to the USER.

8.4 In case of suspected fraud or any other illicit activity, ATLAS may, besides resorting to the adequate legal measures, at the time of the effective rescission, retain funds that may be stored, until the conclusion of the respective investigations.

8.5 ATLAS maintains its rights to suspend and/or terminate USERS’ accounts immediately and indefinitely, at any time and without prior notification, in case there are indications of, but not milting itself to:

a) providing false, imprecise, incomplete, or misleading information;

b) not providing additional information and/or documents, be they for the validation of the Enrollment or not;

c) bad faith;

d) violating any of the terms of the present TERMS;

e) using the SERVICE in violation of the law;

f) involvement in fraudulent or illegal conduct;

8.6 Even in the case of termination, all the fees paid and charges made before termination are non-refundable;

Inactive Accounts

8.7 ATLAS may terminate the enrollment of the USER, once there is evidence of the inactivity of the account, without credit, for more than 180 (one-hundred-and-eighty) days.

8.8 The termination of the enrollment will not affect prior rights or obligations. The obligations of any of the contracted parts will continue in full vigor and effect until they are fulfilled.


9.1 The incapacity or the mere freedom to not comply to any of the clauses laid out in any of these TERMS does not constitute the abdication of rights, and their compliance may be demand at any moment.

9.2 In case any clause of these TERMS is considered unexecutable or invalid, this clause will be invalidated in isolation, and this will not affect the reaming clauses.