How to Register

To register on Quantum, you just need to click the Sign Up button on the home page of our website or click here. In a few steps, you create and start using your account.


1- On the Sign Up page, enter with your name, surname, email and phone number;

2- Then, accept the Terms and Conditions, complete the captcha and click on “Register”;

3- Once you have registered an account, the following screen will appear informing you that your user number and a temporary password have been sent to your email;

4-  Go to your email inbox and click on the email you received. If it does not appear, reload the page and check if it’s on your Junk/Spam email folder;

5- Your email will contain the User Number, your temporary password, which will have to be changed. Go to login page to make your first access.

6- After logging in to your account, you will need to create a new password for your account. Enter the password you want, confirm it, and click on “set up password". On your password, you cannot use special characters like *, #, &, +, etc.


With these simple steps, you can already enjoy the benefits of the Quantum platform! To learn how to make your first deposit, click here!