Our Security Strategy
  • A Unique Approach, A Unique Team

    Our team is made up of people with different areas of expertise, such as technology, finance, bitcoins, legal and management aspects. The objective of our team is the security and privacy of the data, protecting the assets and fighting smartly against fraud. To maximize the security, we are constantly improving our platform by analyzing potential risks from different angles.

    The Atlas Quantum also has the support of an office in Sao Paulo, specializing in Bitcoin and Blockchain to ensure the legal security of the company and investors in the system, in addition to the administrative support of the WOW accelerator. All the security, operational and legal strategies of the company are constantly revalued.

  • Our Security Team

    To increase the protection of our assets, we are quite demanding to integrate the Quantum algorithm with any exchange. We make sure we are fairly reliable against the market; we have a good IT infrastructure and good protection against DDoS (access overload) attacks or theft by hackers. In addition, we verify if the market assets are also stored mostly in Cold Wallets.The balances in custody are not concentrated in a single commercial exchange, to dilute the risk in our operations.

  • Ultra-Secure Bitcoin Storage

    We take all Bitcoins stock protection measures very seriously, far beyond the common standard of other markets. We hire intrusion tests periodically and the stability in the whole system to detect any possibility of intrusion and validate its internal and external digital security processes, ensuring a maximum quality in this sense.

    In addition to these measures, all movements of the company’s assets (except for Quantum automatic purchases and sales) require at least two signatures of the company’s staff, as well as personal checks on the cellphone. This multi-sig (multi-signature) environment protects the company’s assets against any attempted theft.


  • Constant Monitoring

    Programming computers is not enough without human supervision and judgment. For this reason, our technical team constantly monitors all the information in our servers and websites to detect any suspicious activity.

    In addition, to reduce the risk of system fraud, we track withdrawal requests from the platform. We look for suspicious activity and if it is necessary, we get in touch with our clients to ensure the impartiality of the transaction process. To assist with this process, Atlas also has the best firewalls (security devices) on the market.

  • Securing Your Account

    By default, new accounts are set to request verification of email on all major transactions, such as withdrawals, password changes, and changes to user settings. It is also recommended for all customers, to access the account, to use two-factor authentication (2FA) with their personal cell phone.

    The Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) can be set by visiting the Security Page on your account and following the instructions. This will provide an additional level of security to your account.

    Our technical team at Atlas constantly monitors the security of our customers’ accounts to ensure the highest level of security. If at any time you suspect your account may be compromised, please change your password and block your account by visiting the Settings Page and clicking the “Lock Your Account” button. Please report the situation to our technical team. You can unlock your account on the same page after it is confirmed that you are secure.